high pressure water jet cutting

High Pressure Tire Cutting - HPTC

Altracon's high pressure tire cutting improves quality and reduces time of analysis. More than 4.000 bar ensures a new and hitherto unattainable quality in the performance of tire cutting (Cross Section Cutting).

By the tire-specific automatic editing process, the control parameters are in each case optimal adapted to the object to be cut. A fully automatic surface detection allows to quickly set the cutting position and CSC sections starting from 1mm thickness.

This system offers to create CSC cuts as well as special forms of side wall and block pattern cuts with short preparation time. Splitting of the layers is also possible by special clamping devices.

An additional grinding or polishing process, which leads in most cases to partial damages or even destruction of the material compounds, is not required in this method. There is no increase in temperature by the cutting procedure and the high cutting speed of the water jet does not create any torsional forces on the steel cord. While a conventional band saw makes an objective analysis of the material compounds usually impossible, the high pressure tire cutting delivers precise and repeatable data.
The quality of the cut surface allows examination of microspores and all material transitions. The exhaust setup of the high pressure cutting device into an expansion water tank allows to place the whole system in a compact space and provides an effective and cost-efficient operation.

The custom made design of the system ensures cuts in all materials and tire classes. The clamping and tensioning devices for tires in PC - LT and Truck are available. An appropriate mounting device can also be customized according to special designs or requirements.

Altracon S.A. has been working for over 25 years to serve special customer needs and deliver complete systems solutions. One focus is on the development of special machines and testing equipment for the tire industry. Under the theme "custom made innovation, made in Germany" Altracon offers products manufactured according to highest international quality and industry standards. n..


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