high dynamic linear friction

High-speed linear friction testing
    High Speed Linear Friction Testing (HSLFT) offers a unique possibility to determine friction coefficients of rubber samples on different surfaces and under various operating conditions to predict compound and pattern influence on the grip and traction performance. This system is designed to generate all relevant test data, such as z, x, y force and moment. A novelty in the area of compound testing is the deployment of a linear induction motor.

    This motor delivers a peak performance of 7,000N and enables sliding velocities up to 10m/s, generating accelerations up to 100m/sē. In addition, vertical forces up to 3,500N can be applied to cover the full operating range of passenger car and truck tires. The multi component force plate, high-speed sampling amplifier, and the Altracondeveloped load unit (built into the HSLFT system) deliver the highest quality measurements. By neutralizing the influence of acceleration on the data, the system shows the real results of friction.

    Winter 365 days a year

    Winter testing in the northern or southern hemisphere is always a risk because of the weather conditions, not to mention the time, money and human resources, tire companies usually invest into these trips. Test cycles are limited to a rather short period of time. But setting up a test environment and relying on the support of Mother Nature means dealing with the negative impact of unpredictable changes in environmental conditions. Improving data accuracy through.


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